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3E Srl bases its business on ongoing commitment in the research and development of increasingly accurate and sophisticated electronic technologies for the impulse sealing of plastic materials. The evolution of 3E Srl’s technologies focuses on ease of use, excellent quality/price ratio and the guarantee of safety and reliability. Our goal is to encourage packaging machine manufacturers by providing them with this technology and keep offering new applications capable of handling at best the most different types of plastic films, from the traditional to the less polluting and most environmentally friendly ones of the latest generation.

Finally, we deem it is important to look ambitiously ahead towards new and different areas of application, both for the Italian and international markets


3E Srl bases its more than twenty years of experience on the same values it has always had ever since its founding, cross values involving people, product and working environment.

3E Srl wishes to convey the passion for its products as well as its constant innovation, making this company efficient and competitive to keep improving our quality of life and that of our surrounding environment.

3E Srl welcomes its team in a workplace that respects people, based on understanding, sharing, education, motivation and professional and personal growth.

3E Srl believes in the importance of good “teamwork” at the workplace. This is the only way to achieve the right enthusiasm, the right well-being and a sense of accomplishment that each and every one of us brings into our everyday life outside the company.