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Who We Are

3E Srl, is a leading company specialized in the field of impulse sealing, a technology that has been perfected and optimized over the years thanks to the groundwork performed by its team and its constant and continuous targeted investments in Research & Development.

The key milestones of 3E Srl’s history underline the commitment and quality of the product this company puts on the market.

1988 – 1990

The Origin Of 3E Srl

3E Srl was created as an evolution of STUDIO A & R s.a.s, a company founded in 1988 for the design of robotic systems and electronic components for the industry. 1990 is the year in which Mr Marcello Raffaelli, current managing director, took over the STUDIO A & R and named it 3E Srl.

1990 – 2000

The Growth Of 3E Srl

The early life of 3E highlights investments in packaging sector technologies which offered significant prospects for development. The first products designed for this market were affected by the strong technological evolution of those years and were suitable for every need, both in terms of technology and budget:

THERMOSALD PWM, the first analog impulse thermoregulators: they are fast and innovative due to their high working rates;

THERMOSALD UPSCR, fast and innovative thermoregulators, thanks to the introduction of the microcontroller that can monitor and display the sealing temperature;

THERMOSALD SCR, the least expensive thermoregulator of the entire line which features, in any case, our excellent quality standards.

2000 – 2010

The Evolution Of 3E Srl

2002 marks an important evolution for 3E srl: a new impulse thermoregulator is put on the market which was entirely designed, specifically developed and tested in-house: THERMOSALD ISC is a fast and innovative impulse thermoregulator that features full calibration automation and adapts to all types of bands and machinery.

The launch of this product determines the future of 3E srl: from this point on, it keeps specializing in this technology, i.e. impulse sealing, and invests all its resources to optimize its equipment. 3E srl increasingly imposes itself on the market as an industry leader, also expanding the markets with its own technology.

2010 – Today

The Consolidation And Expansion Of 3E Srl

In recent years 3E Srl has continued to grow, expand and perfect the products offered.

The new modular THERMOSALD ISX product line was launched on the market, offering faster and more accurate thermoregulators.

The main feature of the THERMOSALD ISX line is flexibility: it can be configured according to the needs of the machine and can communicate with other instruments through the many available and required fieldbuses.

Taking advantage of the experience gained in this field in over twenty years, 3E Srl is the ideal partner for the most important companies in the industry for which it provides quick and effective solutions to the most difficult sealing problems.

Moreover, many foreign Manufacturers recognize the quality, reliability and accuracy of the equipment proposed by 3E Srl and are starting to request increasingly larger supplies.

This strong growth in export, which mainly occurred in the last two years, led 3E srl to start a slow but thorough sales action to directly access even the most distant markets: it can be said that 3E Srl now boasts a worldwide sales network.


3E srl has always taken a keen interest in quality and certifications, which it achieves thanks to its close synergy with the most Competent Specialized Laboratories and Universities. Also, maintaining such high product standards is favored by a highly qualified technical staff, continuously updated and supported by certified external suppliers and partners.

3E srl is now able to serve the manufacturers of packaging machines of the most varied sectors: from manufacturing companies in the medical, food and cosmetics sectors to palletizing, up to companies that package paper, liquids, plastic granules, small mechanical parts, fertilizers, soil, sand, cement and packaging in general.