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3E provides silicone insulating profiles as accessories to impulse sealing technology.

The available types are as follows:

• Transparent silicone profiles

• White silicone profiles

• Red silicone profiles

Technical Specs

• Thermal resistance from -60°C to +200/250°C

Chemical resistance:

• Excellent resistance to acid and alkaline solutions

• Unaffected by essential and mineral oils

• Excellent resistance to oxidizing agents, saline solutions and hydrogen peroxide

• Excellent resistance to ozone, light, atmospheric agents and aging

Other features:

• Nonstick, no smell or taste, excellent dielectric characteristics

• Absolute lack of toxicity in contact with body fluids, animal cells and food substances

Notes and additional information

We always have in stock silicone insulating profiles in the following standard measurements:

• 6 mm x 3 mm

• 10 mm x 3 mm

Special measurements are available on request.

Use and Application

Below are the main uses of the silicone insulating profiles:

• to support the band and electrically & thermally insulate the sealing band from the sealing bar

• to act as contrast to the band