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Steel Alloy Bands With Variable Profile

Steel alloy bands with variable profile are provided as an accessory to impulse sealing technology.


Le piattine in lega di acciaio a profilo variabile hanno un profilo specifico per realizzare una saldatura non rettilinea.

Technical Specs

• Working temperature: DO NOT exceed 200°C to avoid mild thermal drifts

• Specific resistance: at 20°C 0.730 [ohm x mm² / mt] - at 200°C 0.850 [ohm x mm² / mt]

• Temperature coefficient: 913 PPM / K

Notes and additional information

In order to obtain repetitive working temperatures, it is advisable to sheathe the variable profile bands with copper or silver at their ends, outside the sealing area, up to the electrical – mechanical connection terminals.

You can also coat the variable profile bands with Teflon. For this type of application, please contact our technical department.

Use and Application

Steel alloy bands with variable profile can be heated by impulse thermoregulators to accelerate heating times and consequently speed up sealing at very high temperatures.

In this case it is essential to apply the copper plating or silver plating treatment.